944 turbo script

Porsche 944 turbo

Porsche 944 turbo

Porsche 944 turbo

After a long and sometimes humorous search, I found a decent 944 turbo avoiding the dross:

The rower: this one felt like it would take 2 hands to change gear, the gearbox was so stiff. Add to that a badly sprayed wing and rusty brake pipes

Oil rigs: lots seem to be leaking oil from lots of places

Fairy tale: completely falsified service history. I sent an invoice to Loe Bank, the owner rang me straight back with confirmation that it had been doctored. The police were interested in this one until it turned out to be a diplomatic plate!

The show car: this one needed about £2000 spent on it (inspection at an OPC) and had brakes pads that were down into the sensors. How could that happen with a supposed Full Porsche history?

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